About Brad

Brad is a tech guy turned farmer. Neither he nor Megan grew up on a farm, but it’s a lifestyle they’re both enjoying as they raise their kids, Jacob and Abby. He is always looking for a reason to move, dig, pull, or drag something using his Kubota tractor. The never-ending list of projects on the farm keep Brad busy – whether it’s building something or fixing something, he loves every minute of farm life.

He recently earned the title Master Gardener through the UC Cooperative Extension, and likes to test out his newly discovered green thumb.

Brad loves the community of Orangevale, and is always looking for creative ways to improve it. Most recently, he created and led an event with over 1,000 volunteers in a community service day called Big Day of Service. He also launched our local Orangevale Food Bank which cares for over a thousand people in our area every month. Brad has been named Citizen of the Year a couple times in our town, but prefers not to spend too much time in the spotlight.